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    Leadership During A Crisis Part 2

    Part 2 of Biblical evidence and encouragement for leaders at all levels in maintaining faith and church health during a crisis.

    Length: 29 minutes

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    Leadership Terrains: Organic Leadership Development: Part 4

    Discovering how God shapes leaders. Part four of a six part series introducing how God develops leaders.

    Length: 32 minutes

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    Developing a Total Church Strategy for Evangelism

    Recognizing the need for church leaders to include evangelism in the total church strategy.

    Length: 62 minutes

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    Strengthening Deacon Ministry in the 21st Century Part 1

    Overviews what's working and what are the challenges being faced in deacon ministry; clarifying expectations of deacon ministry between deacon, pastor/staff, and congregation.

    Length: 42 minutes

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  • 713

    Developing the Leader in Me

    Developing your God-given talents and abilities is a life-long process of using your influence to honor God.

    Length: 45 minutes

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    Successfully Surviving Living in a Fishbowl

    Simone Lake speaks to the wives of ministers about their unique position, and strategies for leading an effective life.

    Length: 23 minutes

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    Time Management

    Using our time well brings balance to our lives, and helps us to focus on the needs of others.

    Length: 36 minutes

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    Leadership Pitfalls - Part 4

    Session four in this series deals with character development in the life of a leader

    Length: 56 minutes

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    Rompiendo la Barrera 35-50

    Identificando y planeando como romper la barrera que impide el crecimiento de las iglesias más allá de 35 a 50 asistentes.

    Length: 50 minutes

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