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    Rompiendo la Barrera 35-50

    Identificando y planeando como romper la barrera que impide el crecimiento de las iglesias más allá de 35 a 50 asistentes.

    Length: 50 minutes

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    Churches, Politics, and the IRS

    A guide to help churches and ministers understand where the legal boundaries lie when it comes to IRS regulations, campaigns, and politics.

    Length: 41 minutes

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  • 355

    Developing & Managing People Good Stewardship

    The 1st presentation in the Developing and Managing People series. A workshop discussing good stewardship of the people God has given.

    Length: 40 minutes

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  • 1189

    Staying The Course

    Staying the Course Oasis presentation 2007 Henry and Marilyn Blackaby, Allen and Catherine Schmidt, Sid and Pegi Waterman, Richard and Lillian Grabke give counsel to couples in ministry on how to stay the course.

    Length: 11 minutes

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    Scattering Stones - Sharing Christ Through Small Group Servant Evangelism

    Scattering Stones - Sharing Christ Through Small Group Servant Evangelism

    Length: 39 minutes

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  • 1064

    Ministry Evangelism

    Alicia Madden speaks to the importance of service in ministry evangelism and operation whatever

    Length: 44 minutes

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  • 1385

    Biblical Basis for Women in Ministry

    Biblical basis for women in ministry based on the Pauline tradition.

    Length: 50 minutes

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    Community Developer Training: Session 4 Continued - Depend on the Spirit

    Session 4 continued in the Community Development Series. How sensitivity and dependence on the Holy Spirit can strengthen your conversations with people.

    Length: 21 minutes

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  • 1250

    Hearing God's Voice/Knowing God's Will, Part 1

    Part 1 of a presentation of Biblical characteristics and examples for ethnic youth leadership as they lead others to hear and know the voice of God.

    Length: 49 minutes

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